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Pictures taken by me in dizzywood






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Treasure Book update coming soon!

Hello Penguins,

I wanted to give you a quick update on the Treasure Book. When we first put this book together we wanted to give you the opportunity to collect some of your favorite items from Club Penguin that aren’t always available.
Because Christmas is coming soon, we thought it would be fun to update the book with a few seasonal items. Starting on Friday, Dec. 5 you will be able to use the codes you have from toys to unlock different items in the Treasure Book! The items that are currently there will still be available, plus a few different items.
As always, let us know what you think and even what items you’d like to see in the Treasure Book in the future!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

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Winter Snow and Sports Catalog!

Hello Penguins!

The new Snow & Sports catalog is out–have you had a chance to check it out?  There’s winter items for your penguin, including ice skates–just in time for December events!

hockey.jpgSome of you have suggested the Ice Rink should return, and we thought it was a great idea, so in preparation we added skates to the catalog. In mid-December the Ice Rink will return, so you can put on your skates, get your buddies together and head over to the rink!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the winter sports catalog and be sure to let us know what you think!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

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The Dizzywood Guide (Will be edited)

Welcome to Dizzywood, an exciting game for kids.

There are all kinds of imaginative places to explore, fun Dizzywood secrets and stories to discover, and fun free kids games to play, including puzzles, arcade games, dress up games, and much more. Dizzywood is safe for kids and free to play.

Dizzywood is a magical land where adventurers explore lost jungle temples, animals pilot airships and live in floating skylands, fairy-like sprites run around fantastic gardens, and the nasty Emperor Withering and his monster henchmen constantly scheme to conquer it all. Thousands of years ago, Dizzywood was a world populated by gentle elemental giants, playful sprites and bogies, and lumbering monsters. More recently, animals and humans discovered a way to travel from our world to Dizzywood through magical holes in the ground.

Click Play Now to start your adventure!


Do you see people walking in cute cloths and walking with there pets?

Do you wonder how they got all of those cloths ill tell you.

They first earn money by Doing the wheel in Presto’s Edge.

Then you do Missons

Here are the missons answers:

Raise a Joysnap

Okay, When i seen the title of this mission I was like “This is going to be easy, all i have to do is go and plant Joysnap seeds.” because it says on the mission “ Practice Planting your Joysnap

Here’a a better Raise a Joysnap by crazymay

How to grow your joysnap seed! For the Dizzywood Misson:Raise a Joysnap

1.Now that you have the limited Joysnap seeds,you need to plant them.

2.First,go to the Garden and get a few bottles of Moxie Mulch from Kat DeClaw.You should also grab the trowel.

3.Time to plant! Click on your seeds,then click where you want to plant them. Mouse over to make it grow.

4.Apply mulch as needed. When the plant is fully grown,use your trowel to dig it up and put it in a pot.

Getting into the Elder Vein Mines

Do you see people walking around sometimes with those really cool critters like the the Battyfox, Bull Beastie, TwinklePig and Flutterbird? Or the really hard to find Double Snake?

Well the way to get those critters is to go inside the Elder Vein Mines. But before you can go inside you need to get the mining helmet.

Start by getting the broken mining helmet on the ground in the crystal catacombs.

Mining Helmet broken

It tells you to go talk to Chanjo. He is in Presto’s Grove. When you talk to him he tells you to go speak with the firefly sprite in Skytown. Go up there through the cannon in Presto’s Edge (it needs to be zapped first) and then talk to the firefly sprite. He will fix the helmet with a light so that it works.

Then when you put it on you can go inside the Elder Vein mines. the entrance is the boarded up mine shaft that is right near where you found the broken helmet in the crystal catacombs.

Here I am inside the Elder Vein mines with the fixed helmet. see it lights up!

dizzywood mining helmet working



The Parts are in the MINES. They are in:

Delta Carrot Mine








you get 100 COINS after you get all 4 pieces.

Defuse the Elixir Barrel





Then you have 2 MINUTES to go to the CRYSTAL CATTACOMBS to find the BARREL:


You get 200 COINS… again xD

Stop the Spying Rat



RAT WRAITH is hiding behind some BUSHES in WILDWOOD GLEN:


you get 200 COINS

Beach clean up reminder

You can clean the beach everyday and you get 300 coins: (some of them are hard to see though)nothang-21


hope you like the tip

Seed Scavenger

Locate the Joysnap Seeds and pick them up!

The Joysnap seed is at : Wildwood Glen

go across the river in wildwood glen u will see it the seed is pink


Wilted Shrubbery


Go to the Garden Gazebo than go by kat than move across ,up than u will see a  Wilted Shrubbery


click on it

than go to the camp

and click on the science tent by the game thing


Note not the clothing tent

the tent before to the clothing tent

than u get 200 coins


~pics by: moochi :]

Garden Guro


You get some MULCH in your inventory:


Deliver the MULCH to KAT DE CLAW in the GARDEN GAZEBO:


you get 100 COINS

~crazymay and moochi

A Question from Spy Bear

You will have to find the binoculars in Mage Barrow.


Then you get 100 coins and a badge.

Agent Training: Word Race

  • The briefcase is in The Garden Gazebo
  • You get 200 coins for finishing the mission

Bee Sprite Spying

Bountiful Bat

Broken Magic

Clothing Tent Delivery

Dig for dubloons (repeatable)

Dizzywood Candy Corn Scavenger Hunt (repeatable only for halloween)

NOTE: You can’t do this mission anymore (it was only for Halloween)

Fallen Critters

Find a Magical Secret Envelope (repeatable)

Find a move scroll

Find Admiral Hawksbill

Find footprints

They are in The Crystal Catacombs

Find H.C. Le Snout’s Equipment

Find Melinda Move Master Swingtail

She’s in Tanglevine Jungle on the far side of the river

Find the honey jar (repeatable)

The honey jar is located in Presto’s Grove near the Magic Wheel

Find the crystal key to the Ice Aerie

The key is in the Chasm (to get to the Chasm, levitate over the empty space beside the bridge the Chasm and wait until you drop down)

Find the needy bee

  • The needy bee is in Presto’s Edge near the center
  • You get the neo recliner
  • After you find the bee you will get another mission to find the honey jar and win Force Field

Find the robot parts before the emperor puts them together!

No info for this mission available

Ghostly Pumpkin

Help Olivia unload her Wheels

Help the bees find honeycombs

High Flying Bat

Jack O’Lantern

NOTE: It only MIGHT give you the jack o’ lantern for finishing the mission

Mine the Crystal Catacombs (repeatable)

  • There are six red, green, blue silver or gold crystals in The Crystal Catacombs
  • They are easy to find but one is behind this rock thing, so just walk there and your get it
  • You can do it three times a day and you get a red, green, blue, silver or gold crystal after you finish and 1 coin (first time)

Pieces of the sky

There is a glitch so you can do this many times even though it says you can only do it once, it disappears when you log out after finishing it unless it click on it again

Preserving Your Mud Impression

Professor Nocturne’s Flash Cards (repeatable)

Rescue the Garden Sprite

Skate Shop Delivery

Stolen Tree House Guide

Stop the Spying Rat

  • Spy Rat is in Wildwood Glen near the No Entry Sign
  • You get 200 coins for finishing the mission Swipe the Sprite Traps (repeatable)
  • One is in Tanglevine Jungle (it’s over by Onca)
  • One in The Garden Gazebo (when you get to Garden Gazebo, just keep following the path until you see it)
  • The last one is in Wildwood Glen (near the Gnarl sign)
  • You get 300 coins for finishing the mission

The Arrival of Moonpebble

Trick or Treat

  • Rock Bogie is in the Chasm
  • If you pick treat, you get 250 coins
  • If you pick trick, you will get nothing. But if you wait 10 minutes, you will be able to pick again

You can do the vines in Garden Gazebo it will give you 300 or 200 coins

Best Games for Making Coins

  • If you are very good at Combo Drop (first you must have Combo Drop in your backpack), click on the level 1 page and play the one that says for points, not the ones with characters on them. You keep playing until the time is up and you can get around 400 coins.

  • Uncover the skull in The Explorer’s Camp once a day give you 500 coins (it’s faster when a more people do it together).

  • Collect the floating thing like stars and crystals.

  • Click on the flower bushes at The Garden Gazebo and play quick games of Combo Drop. You can get up to around 200 coins (or 50 coins if you play with the emote one or the one with seeds when you have all).

  • Finish the labyrinth in the Rock Maze in Tanglevine Jungle, it gives you 150 coins once a day and when you have all the emotes from collecting 10 blue rocks every day, you start getting 250 coins instead.



Blocks is similar to the classic game, Tetris. You rotate falling pieces to try and make them line up and disappear. You can play blocks at the Game Machines like on The Garden Gazebo and Presto’s Edge.


Bounce is a game that usually involves bouncing items across the screen from left to right onto a safe platform. The items that fall go at different speeds and there are other items that do bad or good things to you if you touch them

Combo Drop

Combo Drop is a matching game, where you need to match 3 similar items at a time. You can play the game in many places throughout Dizzywood including with Chanjo.

Flash Cards

Flash Cards is the game that you can find in Tanglevine Jungle and Farthing’s Meadow and many places too. Basically, you try to match the pictures. (Like Matching or Memory)


Flight is a game, where you must get to the end or collect items. You move by holding down the left mouse click, and letting go lets it go down.

Force Field

Force Field is a game very similar to the classic game, Pong. You must try to bounce a ball past your opponent to score a point.


Jumper is a simple game, all you have to do is collect the five items it tells you to and then head for the exit this game is located in Elder Vein Mines and in the secret stairway in Tanglevine Jungle.


Vanish is a game similar to pairs. You need find pairs of items (bugs, Onakasi diamonds, symbols and others) and click them. Once you clicked them they vanish.



These are the answers to the riddles that Archimedes the Wizard gives to you.

  • R: What goes around the World but stays in a corner?
  • A: Stamp

  • R: What kind of driver doesn’t have a license?
  • A: Screwdriver

  • R: What is an ant dictator?
  • A: Tyrant

  • R: What kind of tie does a ghost wear to a formal party?
  • A: A Bootie

  • R: What word is always pronounced wrong?
  • A: Wrong

  • R: What jumps when it walks and sits when it stands?
  • A: Kangaroo

  • R: Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?
  • A: Fire

  • R: What goes up and down the stairs without moving?
  • A: Rug

  • R: Its been around for millions of years, but its no more then a month old?
  • A: Moon

  • R: What has four legs in the morning, two legs in the day, and three legs at night?
  • A: Man

  • R: What has one foot on each side and one in the middle?
  • A: Yardstick

  • R: What can you catch, but not throw?
  • A: Cold

  • R: What has a neck but no head?
  • A: Bottle

  • R: What runs all around the yard without moving?
  • A: Fence

  • R: Who spends the day at the window, goes to the table for meals and hides at night?
  • A: Fly

  • R: What kind of can never needs a can opener?
  • A: Pelican

  • R: What is the best way to send way to an Easter Bunny?
  • A: Hare mail

  • R: What is round as a dishpan, deep as a tub, and still the oceans couldn’t fill it up?
  • A: Sieve

  • R: What never gets any wetter now matter how much it rains?
  • A: Ocean

  • R: What is found all over the house?
  • A: Roof

  • R: What goes round the house and in the house but never touches the house?
  • A: Sun

  • R: What kind of paper makes you itch?
  • A: Scratch

  • R: What is it that you can keep only after giving it to someone else?
  • A: Word

  • R: I am taken from a mine, and shut up in a wooden case, from which I am never released, and yet I am used by almost everybody. What am I?
  • A: Pencil

  • R: What walks all day on its head?
  • A: Horseshoe nail

  • R: What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?
  • A: Towel

  • R: What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?
  • A: M

  • R: The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are they?
  • A: Footsteps

  • R: He who has it doesn’t tell it. He who takes it doesn’t know it. He who knows it doesn’t want it. What is it?
  • A: Counterfeit money

  • R: What goes round and round the wood but never goes into the wood?
  • A: Bark

  • R: What is it that someone has to take before you can get it?
  • A: Photograph

  • R: I went to the city, I stopped there, I never went there, and I came back again. What am I?
  • A: Watch

  • R: What did the skeleton order at the restaurant?
  • A: Spare ribs

  • R: Where does Dracula usually eat his meals?
  • A: Casketeria

  • R: A cloud was my mother, the wind is my father, my son is the cool stream, and my daughter is the fruit of the land. A rainbow is my bed, the earth my final resting place, and I’m the torment of man.
  • A: Rain

  • R: What kind of ant can count?
  • A: Accountant

  • R: What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?
  • A: Name

  • R: What do you call a witch that lives at the beach?
  • A: Sandwitch

  • R: What is it that you will break even when you name it?
  • A: Silence

  • R: What is put on a table, cut, but never eaten?
  • A: Cards

  • R: I’m where yesterday following today, and tomorrow’s in the middle. What am I?
  • A: Dictionary

  • R: What five letter word has six left after you take two letters away?
  • A: Sixty

  • R: I’m the part of a bird that is not in the sky. I swim in the ocean and yet I remain dry. What Am I?
  • A: Shadow

  • R: What is most useful when used up?
  • A: Umbrella

  • R: What is it that one needs most in a long run?
  • A: Breath

  • R: What do people make that no one can see?
  • A: Noise

  • R: What is the first thing the President does every day?
  • A: Wakes Up

  • R: I can run, but not walk. Wherever I go, thought follows close behind. What am I?
  • A: Nose

  • R: You throw away the outside and cook my inside. Then you eat the outside and throw away the inside. What did you eat?
  • A: Corn

  • R: What has four legs and a back, but no body?
  • A: Chair

  • R: What is a monsters favourite bean?
  • A: Human bean

  • R: What goes from New York to California without ever moving?
  • A: Highway

  • R: What kind of tie does a pig wear?
  • A: A Pigsty

  • R: I bind it and it walks. I loose it and it stops. What am I?
  • A: Sandal

  • R: The man who invented it doesn’t want it. The man who bought it doesn’t need it. The man who needs it doesn’t know it. What is it?
  • A: Coffin

  • R: What kind of coat can only be put on when wet?
  • A: Paint

  • R: I am as light as a feather. put me in a bucket, and I’ll make it lighter. what am I?
  • A: A hole

  • R: I have holes in my top and in my bottom yet I hold water. What am I?
  • A: Sponge

  • R: What is everyone doing at the same time?
  • A: Aging

  • R: What is the biggest jewel in the world?
  • A: Baseball diamond

  • R: What kind of table has no legs?
  • A: Multiplication

  • R: As I went to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives; each wife had seven sacks, each sack had seven cats, each cat had seven kits, kits, cats, sacks, and wives. How many were going to St. Ives?
  • A: One

  • R: I’m as light as a feather, yet the strongest person cant hold me much more then a minute. what am i?
  • A: Breath

  • R: What can run yet never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?
  • A: River

We hope new riddles will come soon.


Ghost Ray

There is a new power in Dizzywood called Ghost Ray. It allows you to click on an object in the world and temporarily make them translucent, so that you can see if things are hidden behind them.
To get the Ghost Ray power you need to choose one of these methods:

You were use to be able to get Ghost Ray from Yagu, in The Explorer’s Camp. Click Yagu to get it.

Hair Coloring Skill

To get the new power, Hair Coloring Skill, you need to go to Skytown Skate Park and go across the bridge and go to a yellow house with a red round doorbell on the door (just behind the Firefly Sprite). Click it and you will have to help Amelia Vermillion find her comb or tint brush by playing a game called flight.

Hair Styling Skill

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To get the new power, Hair Styling Skill, you need to go to Skytown Skate Park and go across the bridge and go to a yellow house with a red round doorbell on the door (just behind the Firefly Sprite). Click it and you will have to help Amelia Vermillion find her comb or tint brush by playing a game called flight.
After you complete the game:

  • The comb lets you buy hair Styling for 3000 coins.
  • The tint brush lets you buy hair Coloring for 3000 coins.

To get the coins quickly enough go to the place where u got the invisibility and then go to the ghost .Play the game, its 300 coins for each win
Make sure when choosing, have 3000 coins ready and pick the right one!

After you complete the game:

  • The comb lets you buy hair Styling for 3000 coins.
  • The tint brush lets you buy hair Coloring for 3000 coins.

Make sure when choosing, have 3000 coins ready and pick the right one!


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Invisibility is used for all magic tricks, is one of the eight special powers, and one of the two powers that are the easiest to obtain.

Obtaining Invisibility

To Obtain Invisibility is to walk through the green magical pillars that are in Tanglevine Jungle.

Special Uses

It can be used to gain access to the Jaguar Temple.

Origin of Picture

The picture comes from the fact that in some fiction horror stories (or any story with ghosts in), the ghost most of the time is just a voice, showing that it is in fact no long existing.

Magic Tricks

Despite being simple to Obtain, it has only one well known trick, here is a list of how to perform them

  • The Lost Skateboard

To Perform, have the Rainbow/Skull/Flame/Striped Skateboard equipped, click Perform Invisibility, move around.


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The levitation pillars are in Tanglevine Jungle, to the left of the river.

The levitation pillars are in Tanglevine Jungle, to the left of the river.

The levitation is one of the eight powers, and is one of the two easy to obtain powers.

How to Obtain

Walk through the blue pillars in Tanglevine Jungle to get the levitation power. You’ll immediately float to confirm that you have it.

Special Uses

Can be used to move from plateau to plateau in the Jaguar Temple.
NOTE: It can’t be used in Breakwater Beach or Skytown Skate Park.

Origin of Picture

The wings show that when activated, Levitating does mean Float, but is caused by someone else, Fly is usually referred by young children as Float.

Map of Dizzywood

The Map of Dizzywood can be found in The Explorer’s Camp to the right of Pierre Le Snout, after clicking on it, it shows up in your backpack under Powers.
When you first get it, only Presto’s Edge is available. To get each place to show up on your map you must find the flag for it. The flag looks like a red triangle on a gold pole, the pictures below are actual size. It’s easy to find them and they disappear once you’ve clicked on it. After you’ve collected a rooms flag you get 25 coins and you can use the map to travel there. This will definitely save you time instead of walking!

Spy Eye

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This is what the spy eye looks like in action, they don't see it, but you can see them! xD

This is what the spy eye looks like in action, they don’t see it, but you can see them! xD

The Spy Eye is the latest power to be released in Dizzywood. It changes your view to follow other players instead of yourself. It is not clear if there is any real use for the power, but it IS fun to “spy” on other people, though rude.

  • I’ve found out, you can Zap people while spying on them (winks).

How to Obtain the Spy Eye

Go to the The Explorer’s Camp and go to the pile of rocks, begin to click the rocks, avoiding not to click the protector idol, as this will put the rocks in back in the way when you began, making you have to start all over again! When you are done, the upper rocks will reveal the Jade Skull, click it and you will obtain the Spy Eye.

If you have already obtained the Spy Eye, you will be instead receive 500 coins.

Special Uses

It can be used to spy on other players, if you move while using it will turn it’s self off. The Spy eye will also deactivate once a player leaves the room.

Origin of Picture

The Eye shows that this power will allow you to know that you will see something that you wouldn’t normally be able to see.


How to Obtain Zap

The Zap Power is the most difficult power to obtain in Dizzywood, because it means that you have to have three other powers first, Ghost Ray, Levitation and Invisibility (see the articles about how to obtain those powers) and finding two Ghost opal idols.

Pillar to Ghost Ray

Pillar to Ghost Ray

You can retrieve the first Ghost opal idol at Tanglevine Jungle. Go to the Genie Ghost Onca on the far right side of Tanglevine Jungle. It is hidden in one of the stone pillars on the left side of a tree. You’ll need to use the Ghost Ray power to get it.

The second Ghost opal idol is in the Jaguar Temple (the entrance is in The Explorer’s Camp and you have to use invisibility to go in). Once inside use levitation to go from plateau to plateau until you find the one with a pile of moveable gravel on it (it’s at the bottom-right).
Instead of clicking on the pile of moveable gravel like you do in The Explorer’s Camp, you wave your mouse cursor back and forth over the gravel to make it move. Soon you will reveal the second Ghost opal idol.

Now you have to go to the Jaguar Statue which is located on the third plateau. The easiest way to get there is walking against a Black Crystal (this will transport you immediately to the Jaguar Statue).
Click on the Jaguar Statue twice to put the Ghost opal idols back in the eye sockets.
Congratulations, you now have the zap power !

NOTE: Players used to be able to receive Zap by walking between the purple pillars on the little island in Tanglevine Jungle, but they were destroyed. Early players who obtained it this way didn’t have to go and obtain it a second time.

Special Uses

At the same time as Zapping other players, it can also be used to Zap certain objects, to let collectible items out (these items are converted into 1 coin when picked up). Some of the objects that can be zapped this way are found in the Jaguar Temple and The Crystal Catacombs.
Zapping the giant cannon in Presto’s Grove will charge it and will allow you to access the Skytown Skate Park.

Zapping Pillar and Rock

In Tanglevine Jungle, there used to be some rocks that could zap your player when clicked. You could click on these rocks multiple times to create a super zap effect where several bolts of electricity would zap you at the same time, now they are available in the Onakasi Treasure Room as furniture.
The Zap picture shows 3 lightning bolts, which gives an Electrical Shock in real life, as Zap is the sound electricity makes when not being conducted.

Gold Member Powers

Fashion Sense Skill

With the Fashion Sense Skill you can look at the clothing in your friend’s backpack and create a nifty new outfit for them. You must be a Gold Explorer to get this new power.

Name Styler

Name Styler is another new Gold Member only power that you can use to decorate your name and chat with. Once you have the power, click on it and you can set the font and color of your name and the text you chat with.
To get the power you need to complete a mission that is given by Airship Pilot Higgins. If you are a Gold Explorer you will see the mission in your missions area. If you are not a Gold Explorer then you won’t see it.



NPCs: (Non Playable Characters): the NPCs in each room, names hopefully known

Signs: where you can go from that room (i.e. “Tanglevine Jungle”, you can go to Tanglevine from there)

Shops: Shops where you can buy stuff with….munney

Games: Games you can play.

Notes: Other stuff.

Note: This is going to take a looong time. Comments appreciated.


NPCs: Presto, Higgins, Chanjo

Signs:Presto’s Edge

Shops:The Clothing Wagon-buy newbie clothes

Games: none

Notes: Presto has a big Welcome banner for the newbies. Behind Higgins is a crate. Click on it and you get money.


NPCs: Brooke, Timothy, Quill

Signs: Closed Path, Closed Path, Wildwood Glen, Garden Gazebo, Tanglevine Jungle, The Explorer’s Camp, Breakwater Beach

Shops: Furniture Emporium

Games: none

Notes: There are several places from Presto’s Edge WITHOUT signs: Skytown Skatepark (zap the cannon) The Glyph (fall down in the hole near Quill) and Mage Barrow (click on the orange jewel near Timothy). The ___Wizard (___= server name, i.e. Zany Wizard) can be summoned by saying “guess”, “riddle”, or “backwards”. The Furniture Emporium is a shop you step into instead of a pop-up screen. In Presto’s Edge you can collect 10 ullabulb flowers that will, when collected, turn into one ullabulb flower into your loot that can be sold at the Explorer’s Camp. Presto’s Edge has an announcement board that tells you the most recent event. On the Map of Dizzywood.


IMPORTANT: This place requires the Zap skill to get in.

NPCs: Olivia, Cloud Sprite, Firefly Sprite

Signs: Plumpox’s Lab

Shops: Skate Shop

Games: Game Machine, Skate Machine, Streetlamp

Notes: The Streetlamp game is a game of Force Field. It is the streetlamp right next to the Firefly Sprite.

Plumpox’s Lab is a game boss. (Games are explained in Other.) Get a gold skate wheel from the Skate Machine and bring it to Olivia and she will reward you with 100 coins and a skull skateboard. Skytown Skatepark is a handy place to use both glitches (see the Glitches page up at the top of the site). In fact, in my Glitches page Skytown Skatepark is where they are both demonstrated.

The Cloud Sprite likes blue elixir. Find blue elixir by going into the Elder Vein Mines and playing Jumper, or by ghostraying various plants in Tanglevine Jungle and the Garden Gazebo.

You can pick up skate tricks! Hop on your skateboard and collect ten powerups (you’ll get a powerup). Then go do a trick. The trick will appear in your inventory. You can drop it whenever you like!


NPCs: none

Signs:Presto’s Edge (back)


Games: none

Notes: Mage Barrow used to be able to summon Nocturne (the second wizard) right after Dizzywood got its new look. However, now it doesn’t work.


NPCs: Katherine, Garden Sprite (a ton of them)

Signs: Presto’s Edge

Shops: none

Games: Game Machine, Rose Bush, Rose Bush, Daisy Bush, Daisy Bush, Pillar

Notes: Click on the pillar farthest to the left to make it grow (you need a watering can, near Katherine). The pillar gives out AllyKatz clothes (for the girls, at least) and 250 coins when you have all the clothes. Katherine has a game where you can play for Moxie Mulch. Go to the farthest rose bush to the left (near the blackberry bushes) and play for seeds. Use the mulch to grow your plants. You can pot your plants with the spade stuck in the ground near the pillar.

You can get a kitty critter by collecting all five pieces of the statue: one near Kat, one near the pillar, two in the blackberry bush circle, and one near the tea set. (There was a glitch where you could activate the rosebush seed game and close it to get into the circle, but just use levitation.) Then take the statue to a garden sprite and pay him 1 Moxie Mulch and 1000 coins. Ta-da! A critter! On the Map of Dizzywood.


NPCs: Leaf Sprite

Signs:Presto’s Edge, The Gnarl

Shops: none

Games: Leaf Sprite, Tree House

Notes:The Leaf Sprite buys your seeds and your potted plants for 50 coins. He also plays a game of Word Race with you so you can WIN seeds. No kidding!

You can collect plushrooms, bristlesap bark, spindlebrush flowers, and thistlepeach flowers like the ullabulb in Presto’s Edge.

There is a secret tree house in Wildwood Glen you can access by getting the grappling hook near the air grate in Tanglevine Jungle. You can go fishing in Wildwood Glen. (See Breakwater Beach.) On the Map of Dizzywood.

In this game of Jumper, there is a check point in the middle of the game. (Check point: you can revive there after you lose a life by running into a beehive or falling.)

The Gnarl is a game boss.


NPCs: Spy Bear

Signs: Bunker Door (drop down to Wildwood Glen)

Shops: Spy Bear

Games: Jumper

Notes: Takes a Grappling Hook to get in. Grappling Hook can be found in Tanglevine Jungle. (See Tanglevine Jungle.) Spy Bear sells gear, clothing, and home items. But not with munney. With hunney. (Hunney can be obtained by finishing the Jumper game.)


NPCs: Cecil, Sea Sprite

Signs: Presto’s Edge

Shops: Beach Hut

Games: Fishing

Notes:Get Sunny Day sunglasses by ghostraying the surfboard. Get a towel by clicking on the towel pile near the Beach Hut. Get a fishing rod by ghostraying the sunken ship in the water and playing the Fishing game. You can catch wild fish and put them in water to follow you. However, since they are wild, whenever you put one in the water it disappears from your inventory. You can also pull up junk (sold to Quill in Presto’s Edge) dubloons, shells, a message in a bottle, and a treasure chest (all home items).

























ELDER VEIN MINES (the whole thing)






Other Stuff

Since I wrote almost everything in the places, this will be relatively small.

Homes: Buy a home in the Furniture Emporium.

Magic Mystery Wheel: In Presto’s Edge. Spin it once per day for cool prizes, like skateboards and coins!

Emotes: Emotes come from events, the Rock Maze, a game in the Garden Gazebo, Chanjo (used to at least, still does hopefully) and the Wizard.

Magical Secret Envelopes: Pick them up! Wait for a long time and open them for move scrolls and possibly emotes.

Farthing’s Meadow: A place…right? If you’re new, you’ve probably never seen it before…right? Well, it doesn’t exist.

Seriously, it doesn’t. It used to, but now it’s gone.

Farthing’s Meadow used to hold Quill, the Gnarl, and a really cool soccer pitch. It was the place where the 2008 Dizzywood Olympics had a training ground. It was a place where the Dizzywood Soccer Game was held.

Quill is now in Presto’s Edge and the Gnarl is located in Wildwood Glen.

Where is Farthing’s Meadow? If you are new, you’ll probably never know exactly how Dizzywood came to look like this. And if you joined a long time ago like me…well, you’ll probably never know either.

Games: Games are Missions, but very different. You play the three games, Bounce, Flight, and Combo Drop. You play until your level bar is full. Then you go to one of the three ugly bosses:

The Gnarl: Has Rat Wraith, the evil rat.

Plumpox’s Lab: Has Professer Plumpox, the evil chemist.

Noxious Swamp: Has Grool Grubnibbler, the…uhh, mutant fish-like thing wearing pink and purple polka-dot underpants. I’m NOT KIDDING!

There are three levels of each game. Every time you defeat a boss you complete a level and you get a cool home item. (Well, maybe not cool…)

Here are the prizes:

Rat Wraith: Haunted Crystal Ball, Haunted Clock

Pro. Plumpox: Flamp, Cupcake Reactor

Grool Grubnibbler: Swamp Lamp, Swamp Chair, Swamp Ottoman

Please, Please, PLEASE comment and tell what the rest of the items are!

Home Items: Get home items from the games shown above, events, or the Furniture Emporium. Simple eh? )

I would like to give creit to Moochi!

Go Moochi you Rock!!

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videos fro dizzywood and clubpenguin

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Dizzywood Super Powers

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