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Just click on the words and you will be at the website.

3.Planet Cazmo


5.Club Penguin, baskeball game needs
downloading),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

They’re all websites for kids.

If you want a website thats not for kids, then go to or

3.marians world of war craft (boring!!)
or [if your aussie]
IMVU [great for teens into fashion] (need to buy a plushie)

marians world
club penguin

crunchyroll (click on simulacion or sims)

There are a lot of web sites with games like Dizzywood. Some of the
more popular ones are Club Penguin, Runescape, Maple Story and Webkinz.
Some other ones are Fantage, Poptropica and Build a bear ville.

There are,
baskeball game needs downloading),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thats all i can think
of right now.

Kids Games
100% Free to Play Games! Puzzle, Strategy, & Games for Kids.
Cool Kids Virtual World
Free website has fun virtual world, imaginary pets, and games for kids.
Play Kids’ Games Online
Play Games & Win Prizes – Music Downloads, Ringtones & More! – Create a made-up pet and play games to earn ‘neopoints’ to buy things for your pet. -Create a dog and take care of it. – A healthy site where kids can create a person/buddy and dress them, feed them, and play games to earn ‘millbucks’. – Make a penguin, dress it, decorate your igloo, have a pet with your penguin, and play games. Walk around in a penguin world. (You can play as a free member) – This is a game you can make your own person, and walk around a virtual world. I wouldn’t suggest this for younger players. (10+ suggested from me)


  1. Club Penguin – At this very popular kids destination, your child can adopt a penguin, interact in a virtual town, and play games or chat with others. Games and chatting are free, but you’ll need to buy a membership ($5.99/month) to own a pet, buy clothing for it, or decorate the igloo. Human chat monitors keep an eye on the banter and kids are encouraged to report any inappropriate language or conduct.
  2. Webkinz – For younger children, there is Webkinz. What started out as a major tie in for both the real and virtual worlds, has now become an absolute phenomenon for those that are too young for MySpace. Tots purchase a stuffed creature of their choice, then register it online, play games with its virtual counterpart, and earn virtual funds to spend at the W Shop. The best thing about this site is that there is an extraordinary amount of parental control available, allowing you to filter how much you will allow your child to do on the site.
  3. KidsCom – KidsCom takes the Tomagatchi to an entirely new level. With a free sign up, your child can go to Plant Central, select a seed, feed it, and watch it grow. You can also designate this as your child’s home page since it features plenty of games, articles, and chatting. We think this is a much better alternative to worrying about your kids on MySpace. Of course once they hit a slightly older stage, you will have to fret about them anyway, no matter where they are online.
  4. Zwinkies – in my estimation, are annoying virtual paper dolls, so your kids should love them! Free to subscribe, your pre-teen can endlessly change their clothes, hair, and accessories. They can also meet and chat with other kids. Celebrating its first birthday online, the company offers virtual currency, Zbucks, that users can earn by playing games and then purchase even more stuff for their Zwinkies.
  5. Puzzle Pirates – For pure gaming fun for kids, Puzzle Pirates is one of the best multi-player online role-playing games. Users create their own personna, play puzzle games to advance in rank, participate in pillaging, and even chat with other pirates. Those with more experience and official membership (this translates to a monthly $9.95 subscription fee) can end up as captains, obtain special garb, fancier swords and (Avast, Matey!) fire the cannons.
  6. Toontown – I found Disney’s Toontown to be an ego booster to the max for younger kids. This award winning site allows your child to be his or her own toon, meet others, earn points and collect badges by going on “adventures”, while you retain parental control of the account. Again, there is a $9.95 monthly service fee if you want your child to have unlimited access to quests and more than 2 Toons, but at least you will know where your kids will be tonight.
  7. Become an M&M – Both kids and overgrown kids will love this site. You can now make yourself an M&M, just like in the TV commercials. You can then save, download it, send it as a postcard, or have it perform in various movies online. There is also an arcade to play in and screensavers to download. When you create your M, the choices for body parts is more than abundant and I am quite proud of my M&Elvis, thank ya vera much.
  8. Google Earth – What can be a better geography lesson for kids than Google Earth? With a simple download, your children can get a close-up view of almost any place on the planet, including their own neighborhood. It’s very cool to type in your home address, and watch it zoom in to that spot from outer space. Some areas have more detailed views than others, but I can see the chairs on my own back porch! Enter the address of a friend, relative, or a distant city, and watch it “fly” your house to the destination. You can pan, zoom and tilt to see the ground from various perspectives. One of my favorite things to do is pick a spot and give a little “tug” with the mouse (left-click and drag) and it will start to travel in that direction.
  9. kSolo – If your teen is aspiring to be the next American Idol, there are now online karaoke sites for them to practice, such as kSolo. Still in beta test, the site features 16 genres, two of which are aimed solely at children. With a free 2 week membership, they can record, send, and invite others to hear their performances. You need to install the kSolo Player and have Microsoft Windows Millenium/2000/XP (no Mac yet,) Explorer 5.1 and above, or AOL 9.0, a mic, and a pair of speakers or headphones. Parents, check the fine print, because permission is needed for kids 13 to 18 and a monthly auto-rollover involved in membership.
  10. Make-it-Yourself – Most of the “science fair” sites I located involved some commercial aspect, although you can find some with a few freebies or arts and crafts projects such as Creative Kids at Home. Science With Me offers animation, games, printable worksheets, and e-coloring books with no charge if you simply subscribe to their service with an e-mail address.
  11. Shining Stars
    Here’s another inventive twist on virtual fun! Targeted at kids aged 4 – 12, use of the site involves purchasing a Shining Star plush, then registering on the site using your Star Friend’s secret code which comes with the plush toy.Part of the fun involves registering and naming your very own star with the International Star Registry! Then it’s time to play a selection of virtual online games and activities. The Star Chat feature involves only preset words and phrases, so kids are not able to write their own messages.

    Poptropica’s a free site for kids from around 7 years and up. You don’t have to register, but if you do, you can save your game.

    This virtual world involves a set of islands such as Shark Tooth Island or Time Tangled Island, each of which offers a mission to complete. Start off by customizing your avatar, then moving around your first island to see what’s going on. Update your clothes with the Costumizer! Move from island to island, collect items, play games. There’s a prescripted chat option only.

    Adventure Rock
    Available for surfers in the UK only – what a shame! This is a Windows PC downloadable game, which looks great fun for kids aged 7 – 12, and it’s free. No advertising or chat, either.

    What’s it about? Well, “Adventure Rock is where you explore, create, interact and innovate, creating content ranging from music and dance to drawing and animation. Set within a 3D virtual landscape, you can play games, express yourself artistically and solve the mystery of the island.”

    Free to join, Millsberry lets your child create their own character, set up home, wander round Millsberry itself, shop for food, open a bank account, or buy a cuddly companion from the petshop with your “millsbucks” – if you have any! There are kids’ virtual games in the arcade section, too. Kids can invite up to 20 buddies to communicate with – it’s up to you whether you decide to let your child use this feature.

    There’s a lot for kids to discover in Tootsville, a virtual world for kids aged six to fourteen. You can join up for free to give it a whirl – your Toot can play a few of the games and choose their home. For access to all the fun and games, you’ll have to join up as a paying member.

    These virtual pets for kids take the form of cute and colorful elephants!

    At the center of Tootsville is Toots Square, where you can go shopping and dining, find sweets and candy recipes, and visit the virtual travel agency. Earn Peanuts, the Tootsville virtual currency, in TootMall – or go over the bridge to set up your Toot’s home!

    Change the look of your Toot, buy clothes and furniture for your home, or use emoticons or text messages – text filters and moderators keep an eye on communication, and safety rules are clearly explained.

    From the travel agency, visit new worlds with new discoveries – as well as collecting stamps for your passport. Destinations include

    • Dinoland
    • Moon Base – where you can launch a space shuttle
    • Castle Toots
    • … and even Toots Idol!

    Find wishing wells and special Golden Peanuts along the way, as you Toot around Tootsville 🙂

    Bella Sara
    For horse lovers aged 5 and up, the world of Bella Sara is “a magical place full of beauty and joy ” – all that’s left for your child to do is care for their horses in an online stable, brushing, feeding and cleaning out their stalls! As well as enjoy games and puzzles provided on this amazing looking site.

    To register, you’ll need to get hold of Bella Sarah Trading Cards. Each card has an activation code which you then enter on the site. There’s no chat here, and you can find more info about the site in the FAQ and parents’ page.

    Adopt your pet and join in the MyePets community, which aims to teach kids about taking responsibility, being creative, and interacting with friends online. The site says it is a “safe, interactive world” – and if you like, you can completely disable all chat options.

    In this world of virtual pets for kids, children have to take care of their pet by feeding it and keeping it happy. There’s a virtual tour you can take to see all the features ePets has to offer, which is pretty useful.

    More virtual pets for kids here, this time in a virtual aquarium for kids five to twelve and up. Buy your plush Sea Pal, which could be a shark, dolphin, or sea horse, for example – and use the code to create your account. Chat here uses pre-determined words and phrases.

    Kids get to find out about the ocean and the environment while having fun! Create a home for your Pal, and invite other SeaPals to your Pad for a sleepover, and purchase cool items for your Pad or aquarium using your Pearl Points, SeaPalsWorld’s virtual currency. Take the tour to find out more and check out the parents’ section.

    More parental info and another virtual tour on this popular site, where you can play for free without buying a plush toy – or gain access to extra games and activities by registering the code you get after purchasing your Furry Friend.

    Chat-wise, the site is launching its new instant chat feature, where your child can choose from many pre-approved phrases. Or you can choose the “silent” option, where your child cannot chat or see other players’ chat.

    Once you arrive in Buildabearville, you can see your character appear alongside other characters. Walk around by clicking the part of the screen where you want to go. Games are accessed via a small icon at the top of the screen, as well as appearing in various locations as you walk about.

    It’s not the cleanest interface I’ve seen, but there’s quite a lot to see – you can get to other parts of Buildabearville by following the triangular icons leading off the screen. Click on a pawprint in front of a building to enter it. We’ve just entered the library area, where a choice of stories and activities pops up. There’s a map icon too, so if you get lost, click on that and then click where you want to go.

    The great advantage to this site is that you can get a flavor of the site by joining without buying the toy first.

    Some of the most popular virtual pets for kids, Webkinz plush toys provide you with your code to register your pet at the Webkinz website.

    Your first purchase gives you a year’s access to the site. To extend your membership, you have to buy another Webkinz and adopt that new pet into your account before your first pet’s year runs out.

    Webkinz is designed for kids 6 thru 13, although you’ll find many activities that younger kids can enjoy. For example, Quizzy’s Question Corner offers over 1,000 age-appropriate questions for 5 to 7 year olds, and they are curriculum-based. Dressing and feeding your pet is easy, too, and your child can use the KinzCash they earn to buy food, accessories, furniture, garden stuff and more for their pet.

    From the home page, take a tour or visit the parents’ area.

    Littlest Pet Shop
    From Hasbro, the Littlest Pet Shop site offers games, activities and downloads that you can access without registering. However, if you want to get into their virtual world, you have to click through to the Littlest Petshop VIP website. VIP stands for Virtual Interactive Pets, by the way!

    You can try this site for free! Sign up with a username and password, then “borrow” a pet to become a guest.

    After purchasing a VIP pet, the secret code on the collar helps you register and name your pet. You get access to the site for a year with one purchase of a VIP pet. Kids play games, feed their pets, tend the garden, and earn points that they can use to get virtual clothing and other stuff for their pet in the virtual shops.

    Beanie Babies 2.0
    You need to buy a Beanie Babies 2.0 plush toy to get your secret code and register with the site. Again, there’s a parents’ corner as well as a tour on offer.

    Find games, chat, your own room, and a Big Book of Beanies that you can personalize for your collection of Beanie Babies 2.0.

    Like the Ty Girlz site, there is a Basic Chat or Freestyle Chat option. In Basic, your child can only choose pre-determined words and phrases – they can’t type anything of their own. The Freestyle option lets your child write their own message, and communication is filtered to prevent personal details, numbers, or inappropriate language etc.

    Have fun with these virtual pets for kids!

  12. Here!:
    thats all i can think of.. sorry if it isn’t enough

    I think most of them are free…………………………………
    No, I’m positive……………………;)

  13. Information about Club Penguin: Players create a penguin, then waddle around the island of Club Penguin, engaging in a variety of fun and imaginative activities. Players can chat, send greeting cards, use emotes (emotion icons) or choose from a set of pre-defined actions such as waving or dancing. Users can also play games to earn virtual coins which can be used to buy clothing and accessories or furniture for their igloo. New content, such as games and theme parties, is added every week. Club Penguin is designed for 6-14-year-olds but is open to all ages. Club Penguin is free to play, although additional features such as buying clothing or decorating an igloo, require a membership. You have to pay real money.

    Information about Panfu: Panfu is a friendly, virtual world, in which children can play online games, have fun, learn Spanish easily and make new friends. Panfu is a friendly, virtual world in which children can play, have fun and make friends. Each child chooses a panda, gives it an identity and discovers the panda world of Panfu. They can interact and chat with other children, play games, send greeting cards and learn the basics of Spanish through the immersive learning principle, all while developing their creativity! Children can earn virtual money, called Panfu coins, by helping other pandas and playing games. With Panfu coins they can, for example, buy clothes, own pets and decorate their tree houses. This way, they learn to manage money while having fun. You have to pay real money. PS: I THINK THAT THEY TOTALLY COPYED CLUB PENGUIN!!!

    Information about Planet Cazmo: .

    Sorry, I’ll get some information soon.

    Information about Runescape: Runescape is a massive multiplayer adventure, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win. You control your own character who will improve and become more powerful the more you play. This isn’t a game where everything that happens is pre-determined. What you do in the world is up to you! The game is multiplayer which means you will meet many other people in the world who you communicate and trade with. Make new friends and go adventuring together to stand a better chance against the stronger monsters. Perhaps you want to make your money trading valuable goods with others. Or if you like taking risks, you can choose to fight with like-minded people to try and steal their treasure.

    Information about Habbo Hotel:

    Habbo is one the world’s largest and fastest growing virtual worlds and social networking services for teenagers. Localized Habbo communities all around the world are visited by millions of teenagers every week.

    Habbo is a place to meet new and existing friends, play games and simply have fun. It is a richly colorful, multi-dimensional virtual community and game environment to which users join by creating a fully customized online character called a Habbo. From there, Habbos can explore many public spaces in the virtual environment, play a variety of games, connect with friends, decorate their own rooms and Habbo homepages, and have fun through creativity and self expression. The Habbo experience consists of many parts, which are all inextricably linked. There’s the virtual world and game environment Habbo Hotel, social networking environment Habbo Home, different Habbo games and several brand extensions.

    • Webkinz

    Informaion about Webkinz: Webkinz are stuffed animals that were originally released by the Ganz company on April 29, 2005. The toys are similar to many other small plush toys. However, each Webkinz toy has an attached tag with a unique “Secret Code” printed on it that allows access to the “Webkinz World” website. On Webkinz World, the Secret Code allows the user to own a virtual version of the pet for virtual interaction.

    There are also smaller, less expensive versions of the toys called Lil’ Kinz. In June 2008, Webkinz opened its own eStore, where users can buy virtual items such as furniture and virtual pets. But it is for younger kids.

  14. club penguin ( favorite ) and there is a fosters home and another on and btw there are many more sites ok i was looking and found all these to buy a stuffed animal) ( closed 😦 )
    freeaddictinggames.dizzywood, neopets, club penguin, minyanland, buildabearvilleVMK





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