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Dizzywood Guide For this weekend!

hey this is coolash, I went to may’s other secret user and did the missions

so than it will be eaiser here are the missions

(may helped me with this post)

Mayor Longullet


Mayor Longullet is the mayor of Canal City, one of the newer places you can go in Dizzywood. His full name is Winslow Longullet and although he is mayor he doesn’t really like the job that much. He would much rather go fishing. Here is what the Dizzywood Guide says about him:

Winslow Longullet is the reluctant mayor of Canal City. Even though the position has a lot of responsibilities, Winslow spends most of his time taking naps, telling stories, and fishing off of the many bridges in Canal City. Many of the town officials get frustrated with Mayor Longullet when important decisions need to be made and he’s not in the Town Hall where’s he’s supposed to be. Still, there’s a rumor that Longullet disappears on purpose to make the city council and merchants have to come up with solutions to their problems on their own.

Mayor Longullet Missions

Mayor Longullet is part of the following missions in Dizzywood.

Help Friends with a Misunderstanding, Part 3

Help Friends with a Misunderstanding, Part 3

This mission is the final part of the Help Friends with a Misunderstanding. You need to have completed Help Friends with a Misunderstanding, Part 1 and Help Friends with a Misunderstanding, Part 2 to do this mission. You will already been in the Garden Gazebo from finishing Part 2 so just walk over to the table and chairs on the left side after accepting the mission.

There is a stack of letter paper on the ground near the table. Click on it to start writing the apology letter for Sophie.

Stack of Letters

You will now get a series of choices of ways to write a letter. These are the ones you should pick.

  • Dear Whiskercheeks, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.
  • Before getting upset and saying mean things, I should have talked to you first.
  • Please forgive me. I promise not to do it again.

You will get an apology letter. Now take it to Mrs. Whiskercheeks in Gilbert Square West.

She will like the apology letter and the mission will be complete. You get a framed photo of Sophie and Mrs. Whiskercheeks as a reward.

Framed Photo of sophie and Whiskercheeks

Help Friends with a Misunderstanding, Part 2

Help Friends with a Misunderstanding, Part 2

In the second part of the Help Friends with a Misunderstanding mission, you need to go talk to Kat de Claw in the Garden Gazebo to seek her advice on how to help Sophie and Mrs. Whiskercheeks solve their argument.

When you click on Kat, she agrees to help but wants you to give her some assistance with some flowers. Then you will start playing a game of blocks and you need to get a dozen rows cleared to win the game.

Garden Blocks in Dizzywood

When you win the game, part 2 of the mission is complete and you can do Part 3.

Help Friends with a Misunderstanding, Part 1

Help Friends with a Misunderstanding

This is the first of three parts for a new mission on Dizzywood called, Help Friends with a Misunderstanding. Sophie and Mrs. Whiskercheeks are having an argument and you need to help them patch things up. In the first part, you need to talk with Mayor Longullet, Chanjo and Quill to find out what happened.

The first step is to talk to Mayor Longullet in Canal City. He is in Gilbert Square West on the bridge over the canal.

Mayor Longullet in Dizzywood

After you talk with Mayor Longullet, you need to talk to Chanjo in Presto’s Grove. He will then send you to talk to Quill in Presto’s Edge. After you talk to Quill, part 1 of the mission is complete and you will start Part 2.

Get Your First Skateboard


How to Get a Skateboard in Dizzywood

There are a lot of different skateboards that you can get in Dizzywood if you are a Gold or Silver Explorer. You can buy them at the Skate Shop in Skytown Skate Park. But even if you are not Gold or Silver, you can still get a skateboard for free by doing the mission called Get Your First Skateboard.

First look for the mission in your missions area next to your backpack. Then accept the mission and you will see that you have to find five pieces of the skateboard. You need to get the skateboard deck and the four wheels. Here is where they are.

Skateboard Deck

The skateboard deck is in Presto’s Edge. It is right near the Magic Mystery Wheel. Don’t forget to spin the wheel while you’re there because it gives you free stuff or coins. Click on the skateboard deck to pick it up.


Skateboard Wheel – Presto’s Edge

The first skateboard wheel you want to pick up is really the second wheel (2 of 4). It is also in Presto’s Edge and is just on the other side of the magic mystery wheel. Click on it to pick it up and put it in your backpack.

Skateboard Wheel in Presto's Edge

Skateboard Wheel – Wildwood Glen

The next skateboard wheel is in Wildwood Glen. Since you’re standing right next to the signpost that goes there, click it to travel to the Glen. Walk over to the statue and there is a skateboard wheel on the ground. Click on it to get it.

Skateboard Wheel in wildwood Glen

Skateboard Wheel – Explorer’s Camp

The third skateboard wheel is in the Explorer’s Camp near the Clothing Tent. Use your map to go to the Explorer’s Camp and get the wheel.

Skateboard Wheel in Explorer's Camp

Skateboard Wheel – Tanglevine Jungle

The last skateboard wheel is in Tanglevine Jungle and it’s over on the other side of the river. If you don’t have the levitation power yet you will need to get it by walking through the pillars. Go to the right and you’ll see the wheel in the water near the little island with the crumbled pillars on it.

Skateboard Wheel in Tanglevine Jungle

When you get all the pieces the skateboard is assembled and the mission is complete. You get a full working skateboard as a reward!



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By CrazyMay at 5:17 PM

Hey guys!

Here is something I forgot to post:

Who will Brooke choose as her Top Spring Inspired Dizzy Homes?

Oh my! My feet are aching, and my pencil is worn to the nub from writing down all the thoughts I had on your fabulous homes. Hold on, let me sit and breathe for a minute.

(A minute later…)

It’s been quite the trek I tell you! Good thing I gave myself the last two days to do it all. Anywho, I just wanted to let cha know that we have now reached the deadline to enter your Spring inspired Dizzy homes.

I must now review the long list of homes that incorporated all the elements of Spring that I was looking for. I’d like to give a large beaver thank you to each of you that participated in this Spring cleaning madness. Don’t you feel better already? Redoing the fung sui of my home always helps me clear the mind and feel like having friends over for Spring Parties!

So go on, and have your friends over to enjoy your new Spring inspired homes! I’ll do my best to post the Top Spring Inspired Dizzy Homes tomorrow. Let me just rest my feet up on this log here and get to it!


Brooke Lodgington


Now That I posted that I’ll show you



That makes me Hungry!


I want to swim in it (swims in it)


This is Candyland’s main town


This is how Candyland looks like after it rains in the forest


This is the door to candy land


This is outside of candyland castle


Lastly this is Candyland Moutain


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Yesturday was the best day in real life

Yesturday,After school Me and Icie2398 played until 7 PM we went back and forth to the park.After that we brought coolash to the park and he got hurt. Then Icie2398 non stop went to her house to get bandages to heal coolash. After that we went back to my house and watched the new epoisde of Spongebob. Than she had to leave.
Well that’s what I did.


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