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Almost Here!

Spring-Fling-Color-Wars copy~nitprin  (i made the pic)


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Random Night

We aLL are


Random Look!

Random Look!



Niya is back!!!!!!! :]


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Andysi’s Status Is :O

I Squared her message its a really bad one of kids under 9

well here it is



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Strange Box in Garden Gazebo

There’s a strange looking box in the Garden Gazebo. It has paint colors splattered on it. You can’t click it and it doesn’t do anything but maybe they put it in there for the upcoming Color War event in June. I can’t wait to see what’s inside the box!













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Awaken the Sound

Dizzywood Awaken the Sound Mission

Here’s a really easy gold explorer mission in Dizzywood. It is one of the Sprite missions and you get it after you complete the Salamander Snack mission.

The flute that you need to find is hidden in Wildwood Glen near the bottom. Click on it to complete the mission and get 200 coins as a reward.

Golden flute in Wildwood Glen


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Fish for Longullet

Fish for Longullet

In this mission on Dizzywood, you need to help Mayor Longullet fish out coins from the canal in Gilbert Square West. People throw coins into the canal for good luck but Mayor Longullet wants them. I guess Canal City has budget problems.

Make sure you accept the mission and then use your fishing pole and fish in the canal. Wait a few minutes and then you should get a message talking about the fish swallowing coins. Then you’ll play the fishing game and need to get 500 points to win.

Fishing in the canal in Dizzywood

When you win the game you’ll complete the mission and get 300 coins as a reward. You can do this mission once per day.

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Olivia’s Roadies

Olivia's Roadies Mission in Dizzywood

Olivia’s Roadies is a Gold Explorer mission that is part of the Spring Fling Concert weekend. In this mission, you need to help Olivia Kickflip prepare for the Spring Fling Concert by finding an extra keyboard and an extra milk crate that were left behind. The clue is to look in places that have concrete.

The milk crate is in Skytown on the left side of the bridge. It’s up near where the fireworks crate is.

Dizzywood extra milk crate

The extra keyboard is in Gilbert Square West in Canal City. It’s right near where Mrs. Whiskercheeks has her cafe.


When you find both items the mission is complete and you get to keep them as furniture items that you can put in your own house.

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