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I’m rich…Not to brag or anything I thought it would be cool just to post it on.


June 30, 2009 at 9:44 PM 7 comments

ourWorld Upgrades

So In ourWorld they changed the home page:


You can buy outifts that people are wearing:


There are robot gear:


and new month items for members like me:]


k bye i have to eat lunch bye


June 30, 2009 at 5:37 PM 1 comment

Dizzywood Zap Update!

Hiya Guys! There is bad news! You can’t zap any one in dizzywood anymore because people have been randomly zapping people.  Oh and that if you keep zapping randomly it will freeze the persons computer maybe like when people were keep zapping my computer froze. Oh and if you want more proof go to or

Here is proof picture:











Well Bye Bye!


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Color War Team Spirit Photo Contest Winners!

The results from this Summer’s Dizzywood Team Spirit Photo Contest are in! All we got to say, is there is sure a lot of Color War team spirit going on in Dizzywood! We want to give a big high five to all the Color War teams that worked hard on getting at least 10 teammates together to show off their team spirit.

As always, it was difficult to choose our winners, but alas, here is the awesome photographic work by:

simran500 from the Green Team


tachola from the Red Team


maybe5874 from the Yellow Team


moeski from the Blue Team


You can also see these photos featured on the Dizzywood homepage.

Great job explorers, and keep up that awesome Color War team spirit!


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Dizzywood Color War Update

It looks like the Yellow Team swooped in to take the lead from the Blue Team this weekend! With three more Special Events to go, it’s still too early to tell which team will take home this Summer’s Dizzywood Color War Trophy.

As of just moments ago, here are the Color War team standings (remember, these numbers can change every minute depending on how many activities you complete to earn points):

New Scores

The first Special Event just finished taking place on Saturday, but mark your calendars because there are more events coming up. The next Color War Event, Color Drops Collection is this Wednesday, so rally up your teams, meet in your clubhouses, and build a strategy to bring your team to the top!

Keep an eye on the schedule of Special Color War Events to earn even more points for your teams:


Good luck Color War Teams!

**Winners from the Color War Team Spirit Photo Contest have been chosen and will be posted on the Dizzywood homepage later today!**


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June 29, 2009 at 9:22 PM 1 comment

color war score board


Hiya, guys. Sorry I haven’t been on. I was at my grandma’s house since Friday.So I couldn’t post or go on. So I guess I’ll start the guide. Well you know that the yellow team is winning right now! ( GO YELLOW)  I was on ourWorld at the beach before I started this guide because I was board.

Well I’ll start the guide.

When you open up your map you can see you can go to your color wars color hideout thingie. So when you are at Farthing’s Meadow you will see a board with a news paper thingie that says score borad when you click on that this pops up.

This Pops Up and you can click on one of them. Here are they look like when you click on them.

This Pops Up and you can click on one of them. Here are they look like when you click on them.

The Score Board

The Score Board

I see that the yellow team is winning :]]
and those are ways you get points for your teams ( btw way i didn't copy frostys pictures)(I took pictures of them )

and those are ways you get points for your teams ( btw way i didn't copy frostys pictures)(I took pictures of them )

well have a great day!

June 29, 2009 at 6:00 AM 1 comment

Color War is On!

Color War Fun

Let the Color War competitions begin!

You have your Color War uniform, your team flags and clubhouses, and now it’s time to earn points for your teams! We’ll be giving you updates throughout the coming weeks letting you know what team is in the lead, but you can check the scoreboard anytime you’d like by clicking on the bulletin board in Farthing’s Meadow.

How to earn points for your Color War Team:

Complete these activities as many times as you’d like before Friday, July 10th to earn points for your team:

  • Game Machine (Farthing’s Meadow)
  • Archeology Dig (Explorer’s Camp)
  • Rock Maze (Tanglevine Jungle)
  • Fishing (anywhere there is water)
  • Monster Battling (Canal City Road)
  • Gardening (grow plants and earn points)
  • Onakasi Treasure Room (make it to this secret room for the most points)

The start of Color War is already proving to be a close race. It’s an early call, but here are where Color War Teams stand:

Color War Scoreboard

Good luck to Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. Get those points, and get ready for the first main event, Color War Trivia, starting tomorrow!

**The Team Spirit Photo Contest is now closed, and submissions are being reviewed.**


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