Dizzywood Cheats/Coins/Tips


1.Play the First Bush Game in the Garden Gazebo

You can get 150 coins from the bushes if you do really good moves.


2. Game Machines

You can click on the Game Machines that are in different places like The Jungle

and you will get tons of coins!


3. How to get to the finish in the Rock maze quicky

First go to the Jungle



Well you now know that you can’t get any more blue exiler from places! Well you can.

First go to The Garden Gazebo go all the wayyyy to the other side. Now go by the tree and you will see a blue exiler and use ghost ray on the tree.


4. How to get the look book

First go to Presto’s Edge

There is a create.Its near the Presto’s Grove sign.

the Umbrella is covering the tree so here is one Kka took CREDIT TO KKA2297!!!!


5. How to be a guide

Be A Guide 1

There is a brand new power in Dizzywood called the Guide power. If you have this power you can give tours all over Dizzywood. To get the power, you need to be a Pathfinder and then you will see a new mission in your mission list called Be a Guide. Accept this new mission and then you need to find three of Montana Jack’s journal pages.

When you start the mission, you get three clues about where to look for the pages:

  • in the land of skateboards
  • a spot with many riddlers
  • a place you need a helmet to enter

Land of Skateboards

This is obviously Skytown Skate Park. Zap the cannon in Presto’s Edge and fly up to Skytown. Jump on your skateboard and cross the bridge to the main part. Then go about halfway over and the page will be on the ground. Click on the page to pick it up.


A Spot with Many Riddlers

The spot with many riddlers is Mage Barrow. Go back to Presto’s Edge and then click on the crystal keyhole in the middle of the rocks to get to Mage Barrow. Now walk all the way down and you will see the second page lying on the grass. Click on it to pick it up.


A Place You Need a Helmet to Enter

Remember when you had to find a helmet to enter the Elder Vein Mines? Well, get that helmet out again because that’s where the final page of the journal is. Go to the Crystal Catacombs and put on your mining helmet. Then click on the entrance to the Elder Vein Mines. The journal page is on the ground in the first room. Walk a little to the left to find it and click on it to pick it up.


Guide Book

When you find all three pages you will get a Guide Book as a reward. Take that guide book to the Pathfinder Official in Canal City. He is in Gilbert Square East in the lower right corner in front of the big statue. Click on him and he will give you the Guide power and now you can give tours. Just click on the power and you will start a tour. People can click on the TOUR sign above your head to join it.


6. How to turn small in gold member’s rooms

First go to a gold member’s room

now go up stairs and zap your self and you turn small

“]”]I zapped myself and game did too and she turn small :]

7. Help Chanjo Find His Tools

Start the mission by clicking on the Help Chanjo Find His Tools Mission in your missions tab. All of the tools are nearby in Presto’s Edge. If you are still in Presto’s Grove, walk to the far right and click on the sign to Presto’s Edge. All four tools are lying on the ground right near the entrance to Presto’s Edge. Click on each one of them to pick them up and put them in your backpack.


Once you have all four of Chanjo’s tools, you need to go back to Presto’s Grove. Click on the sign pointing there and then walk up to Chanjo. Click on him to talk to him and the mission will be completed!


Mission Completed!

You get 100 coins and the heart, wink, happy and five emotes when you complete the mission.

8. How to Find the Secret Tree House

There is a secret tree house in Dizzywood and you can find it in Wildwood Glen. Spy Bear lives in the tree house and if you can get to him you can get lots of special spy gear and clothing. Also, Spy Bear is the guy who gives out all of the spy missions and badges but you don’t need to get to the tree house to get the missions.

Finding the Tree House

Finding the tree house is easy. It is in Wildwood Glen at the back of the pond. Look up in the backgound and you will see it.


Getting to the Tree House

Getting to the tree house is a little harder. The first thing you need is the grappling hook and rope. To get that, accept the mission and go to Tanglevine Jungle.

Walk over to the big sewer grate with the bubbles on it. Once you step on the grate, you will start flying up in the air. As you go up you will see the grappling hook and rope in the trees on the right. If you don’t see the rope then you probably forgot to accept the mission! Click on the rope to get it and complete the mission.


Now that you have the grappling hook and rope, go back to Wildwood Glen and walk to the back so that you can see the tree house. Click on the grappling hook and rope in your backpack and then click on the treehouse. You might need to walk around a little because there is a message box that can get in your way. When you click on the tree house you will see another message from Spy Bear and you will start to play a special game of Jumper. You need to get all the way to the right side in the game and collect as many honeycomb as you can along the way.


After you finish the jumper game you will be in the secret tree house. Say hello to Spy Bear!

Here are some of the things you can buy from Spy Bear. He will let you trade honeycomb pieces or coins for them.

  • Recon Goggles
  • Dark Moon Specs
  • Super Shades
  • Spy Briefcase
  • Stealth Gear Top
  • Stealth Gear Bottom
  • Spy furniture for your home


9. How to float in air

First go to Jaguar Temple

Now put in your home portal anywhere


Next, walk into the air and go in your portal quicky. You will be in your home now you can exit your home and you will be walking on air.

10. How To Steal Clothes

First go to any shop in dizzywood put try on the top you want or pants

save it in your look book quicky than you have it

11. How to steal silver member hair styles

First go to the silver hair style you like then save it in your look book.

12. Fish for Longullet

Fish for Longullet

In this mission on Dizzywood, you need to help Mayor Longullet fish out coins from the canal in Gilbert Square West. People throw coins into the canal for good luck but Mayor Longullet wants them. I guess Canal City has budget problems.

Make sure you accept the mission and then use your fishing pole and fish in the canal. Wait a few minutes and then you should get a message talking about the fish swallowing coins. Then you’ll play the fishing game and need to get 500 points to win.

Fishing in the canal in Dizzywood

When you win the game you’ll complete the mission and get 300 coins as a reward. You can do this mission once per day.

12. you can do the vines that are in the Garden gazbo everyday to get coins and tops

13. you can do missions to get coins

14. you can do the mines to get coins

15. Magic Envelopes are in the camp and in wildwood glen

16. Find the Fashion Camera

Find the Fashion Camera Mission

Find the Fashion Camera is an early mission in Dizzywood for new players. You need to go to Presto’s Edge to find it.

The camera is inside a crate that is partially hidden by the big tree near the entrance. It is up behind the clothing shop and to the left.

Fashion Camera Crate in Dizzywood

17.how to get the TV

first go to the chasm and use ghost ray


click on the TV and you get the TV to put in your home

18.when you click on the wheel sometimes you get junk you can sell the stuff to Quil

19.you can collect the shells and starfish on the ground in breakwater beach to get coins

20.you can go in the Mage Barrow and say riddle or backwards to get coins

21.you can get 500 coins by doing the rocks in the temple or in the camp

22.there are coins in the ground now when you go to different places there might we coins

23. you can go to onca thats in the jungle and click on him to get coins

24.here is a cheat for the rocks:

for the legendary skull in explorers camp you don’t have to push it all, if you put your mouse in the right place you might need to move around a bit, the best position is just below the tree to the right of the rocks you can get the skull

well thats for now if you know any ill add it here and give credit to you okay so comment1



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